WordCamp NYC Recap

First of all… First post: Woohoo! I couldn’t resist buying this domain name because I’m a sucker. Besides, if I didn’t do it, some other Sean would have. There certainly are enough of us.

Anyway, moving on. I just wrapped up a weekend at WordCamp NYC, and participated in my first contributor’s day. If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend it. My big takeaway? The folks who build WordPress are some of the most down-to-earth, approachable people I’ve ever met. It’s a really easy community to feel drawn to, and, it being the most popular CMS on earth, they certainly can use the help. You don’t even need to be technically savvy to get involved. If you’re a WordPress user, designer or developer, it can easily be the best $40 you ever spend.

I plan on going to WordCamp US in Philadelphia to keep my energy up.

I will also be blogging on the implementation of some of the awesome WordPress tools I learned about including VVV and WP-CLI. Stay tuned.

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