Your Guide to VVV

VVV, or Varying Vagrant Vagrants, is a tool which will make your life as a WordPress developer infinitely easier. After I learned about it at WordCamp NYC‘s Contributor Day, I found myself drawing a blank as to how I survived WordPress development without it.

Here are a few of my favorite features of VVV:

  • Install once, add as many WordPress websites as you want.
  • Extensions are available. Josh Lee, a WordPress extraordinaire I met at the event, told me about vv. This allows you to create WordPress installations on-the-fly.
  • Basic installation includes Stable, Developer, and Trunk so you can easily test your themes on the newest version of WordPress
  • Uses vagrant-hostsupdater and creates easy to remember host names for your base installations. I used to do this on my local machine, but this is better.
  • Built on Ubuntu. I love my Mac, but BSD is not the same as Linux, and my server runs Linux. I can use it the same as I use vagrant by simply typing `vagrant ssh`, and I can make any modifications that might exist on my server.
  • Like Vagrant, it is FREE and can run on almost any machine. All you need is VirtualBox.

So, how can you get started? VVV has made it very easy. Simply follow the instructions on GitHub and you’re good to go!

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